Residency Course

Fundamentals of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation for Physical Therapists: Online course

Faculty: Carey Holleran MPT, DHS, NCS

Course Description

Clinical care for individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) is complex and multifaceted. Academic preparation for both occupational and physical therapists may not be of sufficient duration to prepare clinicians for this specialty area of practice. This course aims to provide physical therapists with the foundational knowledge rooted in contemporary evidence in providing rehabilitation to individuals with spinal cord injury. The online course will provide the knowledge needed to apply targeted elements of spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Use of patient cases will demonstrate the application of this evidence to practice, as well as the perspective of people who are living with SCI.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to (examples below):

  1. Describe common acute and chronic secondary complications from spinal cord injury and the therapists role in prevention

  2. Perform independent ASIA examination and interpret findings

  3. Apply evidence for prognosis for all types of functional mobility in individuals with spinal cord injury to clinical cases

  4. Evaluate and progress functional mat skills, transfers skills, and wheelchair skills

  5. Apply and progress high-intensity variable gait training in patient care

  6. Explain how to safely monitor patients during application of functional mobility and ambulation training

  7. Apply principles of shoulder preservation and health throughout all aspects of mobility

  8. Express an appreciation of the lived experience of spinal cord injury and acknowledge its relevance in holistic rehabilitation

The online course will be launched in Aug, 2019

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