Equipment and Reference Resources

Below is a list of equipment and resources that may be helpful in delivery evidence-based practices. Please note that some links are affiliate links and iKT may receive a small fee for referrals. This income helps to support free online resources provided by iKT.


Books and References

By Catherine E. Lang, Rebecca L. Birkenmeier

Upper-Extremity Task-Specific Training After Stroke or Disability

Task-specific training has emerged as an effective intervention for relearning a motor skill when used by itself or in combination with other interventions. Evidence supports the use of active, repetitive practice of functional activities to restore motor control and gain the capacity to complete important functions for daily life.

Drawing on decades of clinical research and practice, this practical manual describes how to effectively integrate task-specific training into occupational therapy and physical therapy interventions. Included are 100 self-care, productivity, and leisure task examples, each of which describes the key impairments that the task addresses, materials needed to perform the task, ways to make the task more or less difficult, how to determine task mastery, and ideas for related tasks.


Heart Rate Monitors

Nonin PalmSat 2500a

  • Ear clip

  • Advantages: also measures oxygen saturation

  • Disadvantages: higher cost ($600-800), audible beep with heart rates > 100 bpm (can be turned off in settings, but has to be done each time)


Polar OH1

  • Arm band

  • Requires iPod/smartphone for real-time heart rate feedback

  • Advantages: relatively low cost ($70-80), less personal than placing H10

  • Disadvantages: occasionally flips over during movement resulting in inaccurate readings (can wrap coband to fix)

Polar H10

  • Chest strap

  • Requires iPod/mobile device

  • Advantages: relatively low cost ($70)

  • Disadvantages: Needs to be placed on bare chest (occasionally under lower end of bra), rare instances of inability to get reading due to shape of patient's chest


Modus StepWatch

  • Best reliability and validity for research studies


  • Place on shoe to improve accuracy

Unweighting Systems and Harnesses



  • Body weight support and harnesses by Woodway.


NxStep Unweighing System

  • The Biodex NxStep Unweighing System



  • Can be used overground or on a treadmill

rifton tram.jpg

Riftan TRAM

  • The TRAM can be used for gait training, sit-to-stand transfers and seated transfers.



Medcotech Ambulation Shorts

  • Can be used for transfers or ambulation


Mass Rehab Harnesses

  • Provides a variety of harness to provide body weight support during gait training.

Gait Belts


Flexibelt by Handicare

  • Click here to see website


Secure Transfer and Walking Belt

Click here to see website